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What’s the Biggest Injection Press in the World?

Bill Bregar of Plastics News has published an interesting list of what he says are some of the largest injection molding machines in the world in terms of [..]

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Micro Injection Molding: It’s Not About the Iron, Baby

Just based on the buzz factor, you’d think that the micro molding business is a major industry in the United States. According to one source, out of some [..]

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Werner Wittmann’s Controversial Bet Is Paying Off

In the mid-1970s, an Austrian plastics industry salesman with a doctorate in mechanical engineering named Werner Wittmann was frustrated with the poor quality of water flow regulators he [..]


IKV Explores External Laser to Boost Surface Quality

Controlled temperature change during the injection cycle is an excellent way to improve mold surface quality or create functional micro features in a one-step process.  In an example, [..]

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Unique Phenolic Molding Process Cuts Costs For Belts

One of the great things about molding is its technical diversity. I came across a new twist today called the injection core compression molding process. In this proprietary [..]

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K2013: The Best of the Rest

Here are my remaining picks, six through 10, for the best new technologies I saw at K2013 held last month in Düsseldorf, Germany. –Doug Smock   6. Driven [..]

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Best of K: Machine Controls Make A Quantum Leap

Best of K2013: Number 5 Improved machine controls Improved machine controls are always an important talking point at every major plastics exhibition. Controls are always easier-to-use, better integrated, [..]

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Impressive Approach Enables Multi-Function Car Sensor

An amazing amount of injection molding technology goes into a combined rain, light and moisture sensor integrated into the rear view mirror bracket on the windshield of a [..]

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New Molding Machines May Highlight NPE2012

One of the interesting signs of a rebounding US economy –led by manufacturing—is the return of significant operating injection molding machinery at NPE2012, the every-three-years American plastics show. [..]

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New Mold Cooling Approach Eliminates Surface Blemishes

Applications are growing for an interesting process for improving the surface finish of cosmetic parts. Called BF Mold technology, the system replaces cooling channels with a space under [..]

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