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VW Touts Use of Lignin As Plastics’ Filler

A Volkswagen project engineer says that use of lignin as a thermoplastics filler offers “an enormous lightweight potential” for large volume auto production. Use of lignin in car [..]

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Engel, Siempelkamp Build Big Machines for VW Composites Project

A research lab founded by Volkswagen to advance automotive use of large integrated composite components is getting a substantial addition—an Engel v-duo machine with 3,600 tons of clamping [..]

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SPE Auto Finalists Show Plastics Innovations

One of the best places to see interesting developments in plastics automotive engineering is the Automotive Innovation Awards Competition held annually by the Automotive Division of the Society [..]

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First Sustainable Crank Shaft Cover Get A Dose of Castor

A crank shaft cover with integrated oil seal in the new Volkswagen MDB-4 diesel engine platform is made with a 50 percent glass filled polyamide 4/10 that is [..]

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Self-Healing PUR Tops Plastic VW Body Panel

Volkswagen is studying plastic car panels with a self-healing, scratch-removing surface as a way to reduce vehicle weight and meet European Union requirements lessening the impact of autos [..]

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German Auto OEMs Take Lead with CFRP

If you wonder where the German car companies are going with carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), keep an eye on their investments. BMW just announced acquisition of a 15.2% [..]

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