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Teijin Begins Pilot Plant for Advanced CFRP Process

Teijin is building the world’s first pilot plant for fully integrated production of carbon fiber reinforced (CFRP) components from carbon fiber at its Matsuyama Factory in Ehime Prefecture, [..]

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High-Heat Molding Applications for Bioplastics Advance

A Japanese company announced an important new application for a proprietary bioplastic in the healthcare field. Boston Club Co. (Fukui, Japan), is now using Biofront, a heat-resistant bioplastic [..]

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Japanese Tsunami Speeds Search For Cheaper Radiation Detection Plastic

A Japanese research team has developed an inexpensive moldable plastic replacement for costly organic scintillators used in computed tomography (CT) scanners and gamma cameras in medical diagnostics as [..]

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Poylcarbonate Glazing Continues to Avance, Slowly But Surely

The Peugeot-Citroën Group is now using  plastic glazing made from Teijin’s Panlite polycarbonate resin in the rear quarter windows (“quarter lite”) of the Citroen DS5, a five-door hatchback [..]

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