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Solvay Uses Polimotor 2 To Test Additive Manufacturing

Solvay is using the Polimotor plastic-engine project as a testbed for developing what it feels will be a big business opportunity in additive manufacturing. A plenum chamber for [..]

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Engineering Thermoplastic Improves Automotive Carbon Composites

A high-end engineering thermoplastic will be used as a modifier in a thermoset composite in automotive roofs and hoods. Hankuk Carbon of South Korea will use Virantage polyethersulfone [..]

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Torlon PAI Chosen For Cam Sprockets on New All-Plastic Engine

Cam sprockets will be made from injection moldable plastic in the Polimotor 2 project to develop an all-plastic engine that will be race ready by next year. Solvay [..]

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Solvay Revives Work On The All-Plastic Engine

Solvay is reviving its development work on the “Polimotor” all-plastic car engine. The Brussels-based company announced in a press release that it will replace up to ten metal [..]

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It’s Just A Publicity Stunt, But Si2 Sure Is Cool

It doesn’t have quite the drama of Lucky Lindy’s solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, but yesterday evening’s takeoff of Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) from Abu Dhabi, [..]

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Solvay, Victrex Boost PEEK Investments

Solvay is boosting its global PEEK capacity to more than 2,500 metric tons with a new plant in Augusta, Georgia, that reflects high demand for high-heat engineering thermoplastics. [..]


Plastics Go Under The Hood Where Aluminum Fails

In a fascinating new application for plastics, a geared axial thrust bearing used in three GM models is injection molded from Torlon polyamide-imide from Solvay Specialty Polymers of [..]

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Conductive Plastic Solar Cells: So Much Hope & Hype

The development path of electrically conductive polymers is littered with Nobel prizes, highly optimistic press releases, ambitious startups, tons of venture capital money, and at least two high-profile  bankruptcies. [..]

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