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Robot Controls Become More Intuitive

Equipment manufacturers are achieving significant progress in making it easier to program machine controls. As explained by several companies at K2013, one reason is increasing interest in selling equipment [..]

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Move Over Baxter, New Hannover Robots Dazzle

Robots equipped with new lower-price sensors and vision systems hold promise to dramatically improve productivity in injection molding plants. A Boston-based company called Rethink Robotics already has its [..]

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Nypro Doubles Tool Capacity With ‘Cooling’ Robot

Nypro Puerto Rico is currently running a “cooling robot” to reduce production cycle times for a medical packaging jar. The technology innovation results effectively in a doubling of [..]

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Baxter May Change the Equation For Small US Molders

Visit a high-tech molder anywhere in the world and you will see sophisticated robots in every work cell. That’s particularly true in the United States and Europe where [..]

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