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Dell Uses 1 Million Pounds of Recycled Carbon Fiber This Year

Global computer manufacturer Dell Technologies says it will use approximately 1 million pounds of recycled carbon fiber this year, more than double the volume from the previous two [..]

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PUR Foam Recycling Gets Set To Take Off

A significant recycling stream is emerging for what would seem like an unlikely candidate—thermoset polyurethane foam. Producers of thermosets have long trumpeted the materials’ recyclability, but the actual [..]

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Lexmark Makes Impressive Gains In PCR Use

James Drummond, who leads plastics engineering at Lexmark, has a very interesting and aggressive view about the future of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. He is espousing—and implementing—a concept [..]

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Plastics Recycled From Cars: Yes, It’s Really Possible

The amount of plastics used in cars is increasing as manufacturers strive to reduce weight. According to one estimate, approximately two million metric tons of plastic were present [..]

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Waste-To-Energy Is Making A Comeback As Recycling Lags

Municipal recycling has stalled and maybe now it makes sense to incinerate plastics and other solid waste in plants that create energy. According to a headline and lengthy [..]

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You Can’t Win In the Paper-Vs-Plastics Debates

Sometimes you just can’t win. McDonalds announced last fall that it will replace polystyrene foam hot beverage cups with paper-based cups at all its 14,000 U.S. McCafe restaurants. [..]

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Garbage In, No Garbage Out With Ettlinger

If you need big clothes, you go the Big and Tall. If you want to mold really big parts, say in the neighborhood of 200 to 220 pounds, [..]

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Waste Tires Emerge As Important Plastics Ingredient

Use of highly processed tire waste in plastic compounds is growing 75% to 100% a year because the materials can replace more expensive plastic without compromising mechanical properties, [..]

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Medical Sharps Waste Is Recycled and Remolded

Hospitals are huge sources of waste, and are increasingly interested in developing more sustainable strategies. One major shot across the bow was an announcement last month by Kaiser [..]

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