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Long-Glass Molded PP Replaces Welded Steel Kia Seat Frame

The Hyundai Motor Group is replacing a spot-welded steel structure with a one-shot plastic composite in the rear seat cushion frame in the Kia K9 luxury sedan, which [..]

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Auto OEMs Evaluate Potential For New Nucleating Agent

A third-generation beta nucleating agent developed by Mayzo (Suwanee, GA) is under evaluation by several automotive suppliers as a way to enhance the impact strength of thermoplastic olefin [..]

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New Suzuki PP Uses Elastomer (Not Talc) and Sheds Weight

A new plastic with the grand name “Suzuki Super Polypropylene (SSPP)” debuted this week on the front bumper under garnish of the Escudo, an off-road vehicle that has [..]

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Specialty PP Compound Plus Moving Cores Cut Part Weight

Mecaplast, a global automotive supplier founded in 1955 in Monaco, is pioneering interesting new processes for creating lightweight automotive components. In a project called PLUME that is partially [..]

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Schulman JV Presages Saudi Arabian Auto Parts Production

A. Schulman, an Ohio-based compounder with a major European technical presence, has entered into a joint venture agreement with National Petrochemical Industrial Co. (NATPET) of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia [..]

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Focus Grab Handle Made With Unique Four-Piece Cavity Slider

A unique tooling innovation reduces part complexity and cost of a liftgate grab handle in the 2012 Ford Focus. The backside of a 350 degree grab handle is [..]

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One Tool Equals Three Processes

A German molder in the Bodensee district is showing off an interesting new co-molding approach that combines hard and soft plastic parts. The process is described in an [..]

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