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DuPont, ADM Announce ‘Breakthrough’ In Bioplastic Precursor

DuPont and Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) this week announced a “breakthrough” in the production of a bioplastic precursor that can be used for engineering plastics, packaging, textiles, [..]

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Collaboration Impressive on Lincoln’s New Front Camera

Seven different engineering plastics from five producers are used in a complex camera deployment mechanism hidden behind the badge emblem in the 2016 Lincoln MKX. Ford has filed [..]

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Are Plastics In The Flow Hive Safe?

The apiarian world is abuzz about the pros and cons of use of plastic as a comb material in beehives. Two Australian hobbyist beekeepers invented a beehive in [..]

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In-Mold Polymerization Points to Better PBT Composites

One way to improve the strength of plastic composite parts is to polmerize the plastic right in your injection or compression mold. Crazy? Not at all. The concept [..]

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Bioplastic From Bees for the Dreamliner?

There is a significant amount of plastics buried in the soil that is not biodegradable. And guess what? We didn’t put it there. An article in the current [..]

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