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Why the Freeformer Is So Important To Injection Molding

The Arburg Freeformer additive manufacturing machine (dubbed AKF) made its debut at K2013 in Germany and it will move squarely into prime time at NPE2015 in Orlando, Florida [..]

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Lightweighting Will Be Major Theme At NPE

One of the major themes at NPE2015 in Orlando, Florida, next month will be technologies that enable lightweighting, particularly for transportation applications. In the large booths of the [..]

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More Safety Testing Needed on Chemicals Prior to Introduction

New research further muddies the waters about the safety of a certain class of plastics used in bottles and food can lining.  Researchers at the University of Calgary [..]

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Mitsubishi Chemical Builds Market For Its New Bioplastic

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. (MCC) is rapidly becoming a bigger player in the bioplastics business as Japanese automakers expand use of materials made from renewable resources. Mazda Motor Corp. [..]

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Ford Replaces Glass Lens In F-150 With Molded PC LED

A Quebec-based Tier III manufacturer is combining molding and moldmaking knowhow to make complex lenses for headlamp and other automotive applications that reduce costs and improve lighting quality. [..]

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Self-Healing PUR Tops Plastic VW Body Panel

Volkswagen is studying plastic car panels with a self-healing, scratch-removing surface as a way to reduce vehicle weight and meet European Union requirements lessening the impact of autos [..]

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Can Bio-Friendly BGF Replace BPA In Polycarbonate?

A green candidate to replace bisphenol A (BPA) in polycarbonate may emerge from a waste product of the papermaking process, according to research presented at the annual meeting [..]

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BPA-Free Polycarbonate Has Big Plans For Auto Panels

Keep your eyes on a new engineering plastic that is said to outperform polycarbonate in critical areas and is made without bisphenol A—a chemical under attack in some [..]

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Plastics Engineering 101: Never Assume Anything

After 27 years of writing about plastics, the disconnect between engineering and sales still amazes me. It comes to mind now because of an interesting research paper presented [..]

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Nanoprinting Mimics Moth’s Eye For Improved Optical Components

Singapore researchers say they have successfully developed a nanoprinting technology that reduces glare for polycarbonate components used in TV displays, windows, and even solar cells. As a result, [..]

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