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First Quarter SPI Data Is Weak Despite Near-Record NPE

The stats continue to look good for the injection molding business, but the first quarter was rougher going than would have been expected given that NPE2015 was held [..]

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Move Over Baxter, New Hannover Robots Dazzle

Robots equipped with new lower-price sensors and vision systems hold promise to dramatically improve productivity in injection molding plants. A Boston-based company called Rethink Robotics already has its [..]

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DuPont R&D Works On Whole New Families of Bioplastics

DuPont Performance Polymers is working on development of whole new families of plastics based on renewable resources as part of an ambitious program to make more than half [..]

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The New Milacron Wows at NPE, Announces IPO

One of the best stories at NPE2015 was the resurgence of Milacron, the only American-based manufacturer of injection molding machinery, as well as substantial other plastics processing equipment. [..]

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Arburg Launches Series Deliveries of Freeformers

Arburg has already shipped several production versions of its Freeformer additive manufacturing machine, with existing customers showing a lot of interest in its ability to produce 100 or [..]

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BASF Takes Aim At Shielded Plastics Opportunities

BASF is actively exploring shielded plastics applications, particularly automotive, as a major market opportunity. One of the exhibits at the BASF booth is a housing for an electric [..]

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SABIC Surprises At NPE With Focus on Additive Manufacturing

There is an interesting, and to some extent unexpected, focus on additive manufacturing at NPE2015, a show dominated by the big iron of injection molding, extrusion, and other [..]

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NPE Opens With Record Exhibitors; Only CES Is Bigger

It’s like 2000 all over again at NPE2015 in Orlando, Florida, this week. The show opened this morning at a press conference in which it was announced that [..]

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The Collectors Will Love This Exhibit at NPE

M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp., which has earned its bona fides as a producer of molds for liquid silicone rubber (LSR), is raising its profile for making plastic [..]

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Why the Freeformer Is So Important To Injection Molding

The Arburg Freeformer additive manufacturing machine (dubbed AKF) made its debut at K2013 in Germany and it will move squarely into prime time at NPE2015 in Orlando, Florida [..]

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