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Glass Recycling Shatters, Creating Opening for Klear Can

The Milacron Klear Can, an injection molded see-through plastic can, is hitting the market at a propitious time. Compared to metal cans, the clarified polypropylene “can” contains no bisphenol [..]

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The New Milacron Wows at NPE, Announces IPO

One of the best stories at NPE2015 was the resurgence of Milacron, the only American-based manufacturer of injection molding machinery, as well as substantial other plastics processing equipment. [..]

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China’s Machine-Building Capability Outpaces Downstream Industries

Injection molding machine sales in China are expected to reach $4.8 billion next year, up 18 percent from 2013, according to a new market research report. The compound [..]

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Six NPE Booths Will Show Physical Foaming Demos

NPE2015, the triennial American plastics show, will be a coming-of-age party for physical foaming processes, particularly the MuCell technology originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under [..]

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12 Machinery Builders Now Offer MuCell-Ready Equipment

The DVD video bezel frame in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan uses a molding foaming process to achieve dimensional stability, reduce warpage, lower weight and cut costs. It’s [..]

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What’s the Biggest Injection Press in the World?

Bill Bregar of Plastics News has published an interesting list of what he says are some of the largest injection molding machines in the world in terms of [..]

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K2013: The Best of the Rest

Here are my remaining picks, six through 10, for the best new technologies I saw at K2013 held last month in Düsseldorf, Germany. –Doug Smock   6. Driven [..]

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US Molding Machinery Manufacturing Makes A Modest Comeback

In the early days of injection molding, say the 1950s through the early 1970s, the United States was largely self-sufficient in the supply of injection molding machinery. William [..]

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Bemis, Milacron Team To Develop Servo Co-Injection

The efficiencies of co-injection molding and servo pumps are combining in a unique hybrid machine developed by Milacron (Batavia, Ohio) for Bemis Manufacturing, one of America’s largest injection [..]

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Plastics Machinery Is Rebounding in the USA

Milacron LLC will start manufacturing its “Magna Servo” injection molding machines in Batavia, OH. The machines previously had only been produced at the company’s subsidiary in India. It [..]

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