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Micro Plastic Lens Improves Vision

Precision micro plastic components, aluminum mirrors and polarizing film combine in a U.S.-funded research project to improve vision. The telescopic contact lens magnifies 2.8 times. “We think these [..]


LSR Will Take Center Stage At NPE2015

Liquid silicone rubber is an increasingly important competitive weapon for American injection molders. Molding technologies are advancing, creating new opportunities for the thermoset elastomer, which boasts an impressive [..]

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Tiny Micro Molder Based On New Technology Debuts at NPE

MHS – Mold Hotrunner Solutions of Georgetown, Ontario, will show its new M3 Mini micro molding machine at NPE2015 in Orlando, Florida, March 23-27. “It’s a slightly different [..]

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Micro Injection Molding: It’s Not About the Iron, Baby

Just based on the buzz factor, you’d think that the micro molding business is a major industry in the United States. According to one source, out of some [..]

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‘Inverse Screw’ Cuts Residence Time In Micro Molding

The focus of injection molding technology on micro-sized units continues to grow. Interesting new technology was introduced at K2014, and Arburg announced an interesting concept at the 27th [..]

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Pultrusion Is Next For High-Tech Ultrasonic Processing

Mateu & Solé, a Spanish machine builder, is putting the flesh and bones on a research idea to use high-power ultrasound to form micro plastic parts in molds. [..]

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New Ultrasonic Micro Molder Operates On Low Pressure

The big-name micro injection molding machines tend to be small versions (5 tons versus 250 tons) of standard plastication systems with some tweaking. The approach works reasonably well [..]

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Micro Molder From Canada Grabs Second Spot in Best-Of-K

Best of K2013: Number Two Newly designed micro molder   The M3 micromolder from MHS-Mold Hotrunner Solutions is a really interesting piece of engineering. It represents a real [..]

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New Micro Molding Machine Offers High Capacity, Output Flexibility

One of the many interesting new products introduced at K2013 is a micro molding machine that is designed to bridge the gap between prototyping and actual production runs. [..]

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AIST Team Says Molding Can Produce MEMS Devices

Breakthroughs in printing, molding and mold design are paving the way to move production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device manufacturing from the realm of semiconductor fabs to much [..]

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