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Molded Liquidmetal Shows Extreme Dimensional Stability for Missile Component

You’ve come a long way baby. In the late 1930s, the trajectory of Japanese naval aviation design soared higher when Sumitomo Metals Co. developed a special zinc- and [..]

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Apple May Be Huge Beneficiary Of Liquidmetal Molding Breakthrough

A brand new injection molding technology could have significant implications for Apple’s use of a game-changing Cal Tech-developed amorphous metal technology. Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT) announced that it has [..]

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Liquidmetal Expands Its IP Around Metal Molding

Liquidmetal Technologies is working on an “eco system” of intellectual property in its efforts to commercialize its amorphous metal injection molding business. “We have patents and applications on [..]

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Fire In The Hole: Good News for Apple’s Prized Molding Material

Its expenses are rising. Its revenues are dropping. But the tide of red ink is not damping enthusiasm at what may be the most important breakthrough technology in [..]

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Will Apple Have To Bail Out Liquidmetal Technologies?

Injection molded amorphous metal is an ideal material for critical, precision components in Apple’s consumer electronics devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It’s extremely strong, has a [..]

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Apple Lightning connector Is MIM Now–Liquidmetal Later?

Apple filed a patent application Oct. 25  for its new consumer electronics security system trademarked Lightning that is creating booming demand for precision, net-shape metal injection molded (MIM) [..]

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Liquid Metal in the iPhone5?

Several factors are converging to indicate that Apple believes its liquid metal injection molding technology is ready for prime time. Liquid metal was invented at Cal Tech in [..]

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