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Lego Tests Bricks Made From Wheat Bioplastic

Lego, which uses more than 70,000 metric tons of plastics per year, says it is making progress toward its goal of using only sustainably sourced molding materials. More [..]

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Lego: No Plans To Produce Plastics

Lego is spending $146 million to develop a new sustainable plastic. It’s not often that manufacturers of children’s toys, or of almost anything for that matter, decide they [..]

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Low Cost Molding: Mexico Versus China

It seems apparent that Mexico is emerging as the favored low-cost manufacturing location for the United States market. Look at Lego’s decision to build a mammoth molding plant [..]

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Will 3D Printing Unseat LEGO From Its Lofty Perch?

LEGO, the Danish toy manufacturer, is quite possibly the largest captive molder in the world based on number of injection molding machines and number of plastic parts produced. [..]

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LEGO Expands Molding Capacity In The Czech Republic

LEGO, which is one of the largest captive injection molders in the world, is spending more than $127 million to expand manufacturing capacity in the Czech Republic.  A [..]

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