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K2016: Wittmann’s ‘Smart’ Approach to In-Mold Thermoforming

Metal thermoforming takes place inside a single-cavity injection mold supplied by IKV Aachen (Institute for Plastics Processing) in a novel technology that will be shown at K2016 by [..]

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The Brewing Battle Over Compostable Plastics

Offerings of compostable plastics continue to expand, but so does the disconnect regarding their actual compostability. Save That Stuff, a leading compost hauler in the Boston area, told [..]

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K2016: Composite Tablet Housings Are A Technical Tour de Force

One of the interesting technologies at K2016 will be all-new, single-process composite lightweight housings for consumer electronics devices, such as tablets or smartphones. The goal is to significantly [..]

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K2016: Just Exactly What Is Industry 4.0?

The term Industry 4.0 will be prominent at K2016 and is being billed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Is this just marketing hyperbole, or does it really mean [..]

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NPE Date Switch Triggers Global Scramble

Organizers of NPE disclosed on the first day of the March show that the next big American show will be held May 7 to 11, 2018. To attendees [..]

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