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Blind-Spot Sensor Moves to Tail Lamp in F-150

Ford wanted to include its Blind Spot Information System or BLIS as part of several safety enhancements in the 2015 F-150 trucks, but needed some plastics engineering derring-do to [..]

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Impressive Approach Enables Multi-Function Car Sensor

An amazing amount of injection molding technology goes into a combined rain, light and moisture sensor integrated into the rear view mirror bracket on the windshield of a [..]

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Will Ford Lead With Printed Electronic Roof Headliner?

As new auto models are announced in the next two months keep an eye out for a game changer—a roof liner in which printed electronic circuits encapsulated in [..]

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Glock Pistol Made Of Insert-Molded Polyamide

One of the more interesting injection molded products is the Glock pistol. It was the first industrially manufactured pistol made primarily from polyamide plastic. And its light weight [..]

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