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Google Invents Molding Process For Phone Lens

Injection molding is hot in Silicon Valley. Apple has famously invented new technology for the molding of amorphous metals and composites, racking up more than 50 patents in [..]

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Disney Seeks More Realistic Robots

Disney is turning to high-tech processes such as 3D scanning and 3D printing to make robotic characters in Star Wars films and amusement park rides more human-looking. In [..]

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What Will Come After the Reciprocating Screw?

The reciprocating screw has been the gold standard for melt plastication since the 1950-60s when it was adopted by a few forward-thinking injection molders like Bob Cervenka at [..]

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Strong Machinery Sales: Is The Party Almost Over?

The market for injection molding machinery in the United States was very strong for the past two quarters, according to data released this week by the SPI Committee On [..]

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IMM Shipments Rose 6.4% In 2015

Dollar-based shipments of injection molding machinery in the United States jumped 18.2 percent in the last three months of 2015 compared to the same quarter in 2014, according [..]

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3M Targets Ultrasonic Assist To Mold Complex Optical Parts

3M has developed a technology that uses ultrasonic energy applied to a plastic-filled mold to relieve flow-induced stresses in a still-forming precision optical part. The technology addresses the [..]

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P&G Unit Gets Patent On Counter Intuitive Low Pressure Approach

Procter & Gamble continues to build an interesting intellectual property portfolio for its recently established venture into injection molding—a Hamilton, Ohio-based company called iMFLUX. The newest patent is [..]

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Apple Applies Vibrations To Improve Molding of Liquidmetal

Apple and Liquidmetal continue to develop new technology for amorphous metals injection molding. Late last year, Apple and Crucible Intellectual Property filed for a patent for the application [..]

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New Engel Software Attacks ‘Mold Breathing’ Variations

Clamping force is automatically optimized in Engel’s inject 4.0 program, which was introduced this week at the Fakuma trade show in Germany. The iQ weight control software introduced [..]

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Low Pressure Is Hot In Package Molding

Low pressure molding is gaining in importance as a way to improve productivity in the production of high-volume, thin-walled packaging. Procter & Gamble is developing low pressure injection [..]

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