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Blind-Spot Sensor Moves to Tail Lamp in F-150

Ford wanted to include its Blind Spot Information System or BLIS as part of several safety enhancements in the 2015 F-150 trucks, but needed some plastics engineering derring-do to [..]

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SPE Winner ‘Active Glove Box’ May Revolutionize Air Bags

Ford has developed a new cost-saving and award-winning knee airbag system using injection molded plastics that it feels will revolutionize the airbag industry. In the new approach, an airbag [..]

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SPE Auto Finalists Show Plastics Innovations

One of the best places to see interesting developments in plastics automotive engineering is the Automotive Innovation Awards Competition held annually by the Automotive Division of the Society [..]

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Ford Replaces Glass Lens In F-150 With Molded PC LED

A Quebec-based Tier III manufacturer is combining molding and moldmaking knowhow to make complex lenses for headlamp and other automotive applications that reduce costs and improve lighting quality. [..]

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GMT Molding Replaces Steel Assembly In Mustang Seatback

GMT, a granddaddy of thermoplastic composites, has had slow market penetration since its commercial roll-out by PPG Industries and GE in the 1970s and 1980s. There was some [..]

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E-Mold Boosts Surface Quality in 2015 Ford Mondeo

The combination of a newly developed plastic compound and an innovative mold heating technology called e-mold is saving Ford $13 per vehicle on metallic appearance interior surface panels [..]

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Ketchup Byproduct May Be Used in Ford Wiring Brackets

Ford, which has been a leader in developing plastics from renewable resources, now says it is collaborating with HJ Heinz in the development of tomato fiber as a [..]

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New Glass-Filled Polyamide Provides Resin-Rich Surface

Achieving a Class A surface finish in a compound highly loaded with glass is a dilemma that design engineers, molders, and mold makers have been approaching in a [..]

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Two-Shot Molding Process Combines Polyacetal and TPE

Ford is reducing costs 25% and improving reliability in a window lift carrier plate in the new Ford escape with an innovative two-shot injection molding process with overhead [..]

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Ford Replaces Steel/PVC Design With All-Plastic Grab Handle

Ford is moving to a 100% plastic grab handle in the F150 pickup truck, replacing a steel insert overmolded with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The new design reflects a [..]

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