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Chinese Investor Poised to Take Control of Liquidmetal

One of the jewels of American advanced materials’ technologies is on the verge of a potential takeover by a Chinese manufacturer. Liquidmetal Technologies, a Caltech spinoff based in [..]

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Is There Still Hope For Liquidmetal Injection Molding?

Patient and long-suffering investors in Liquidmetal Technologies are anxiously awaiting announcement of the company’s fourth quarter earnings next week. Many had bought soon after the company went public [..]

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New Engel Software Attacks ‘Mold Breathing’ Variations

Clamping force is automatically optimized in Engel’s inject 4.0 program, which was introduced this week at the Fakuma trade show in Germany. The iQ weight control software introduced [..]

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Engel Makes Public Splash With Its Liquidmetal Machine

Global machinery builder Engel is jumping in with both feet to promote its unique Liquidmetal injection molding machine. The company is going public for the first time about [..]

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Apple Develops Parison, Feedstock BMG Technologies

Apple continues to invest in new intellectual property for the injection molding of amorphous liquid metals (aka bulk metallic glasses or BMG) commercialized by Liquidmetal, a Caltech spinoff [..]

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Engel, Siempelkamp Build Big Machines for VW Composites Project

A research lab founded by Volkswagen to advance automotive use of large integrated composite components is getting a substantial addition—an Engel v-duo machine with 3,600 tons of clamping [..]

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Engel Cell Automates Composite Overmolding

One of the big ongoing stories today in plastics—really manufacturing in general—is the increasing automation and cost reduction in processes to mass produce high-strength engineering composites, often using [..]

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Apple’s Investment In Amorphous Metals, Carbon Composites Will Pay Off In Electric Car

Apple has acquired a deep materials’ technology bench that will help in developing lightweight structural and body materials for the electric auto it has been secretly developing. According [..]

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LSR Will Take Center Stage At NPE2015

Liquid silicone rubber is an increasingly important competitive weapon for American injection molders. Molding technologies are advancing, creating new opportunities for the thermoset elastomer, which boasts an impressive [..]

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Sumitomo Demag Eyes World Record in Biggest NPE Ever

More than 400 exhibitors at NPE2015 will have operating machinery, with the leading global manufacturers of injection molding equipment leading the pack. Milacron Inc., will have 24,600 sq.ft [..]

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