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DSM Bioplastic Gains Traction in Electronics, Faucets

While renewably sourced plastics are not the primary focal point at DSM Engineering Plastics, they are experiencing solid growth rates and above-average investment in corporate R&D, said President [..]

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K2016: DSM Introduces New Plastic

At K2016 today, DSM Engineering Plastics introduced what it described as an all-new plastic, a polyphthalamide (PPA) called ForTii Ace that is directly aimed at replacement of die-cast [..]

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DSM Tests Polyamides For Heavy-Duty Circuit Breaker Parts

High-heat thermoplastics are poised to replace thermosets in demanding electrical applications, such as molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) used in heavy duty circuit breakers. Royal DSM says that [..]

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First Sustainable Crank Shaft Cover Get A Dose of Castor

A crank shaft cover with integrated oil seal in the new Volkswagen MDB-4 diesel engine platform is made with a 50 percent glass filled polyamide 4/10 that is [..]

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Tight Tolerances? No Problem for Challenging Bioplastic Part

Bioplastics are making steady, if slow, inroads into automotive applications. A particularly interesting new one is a lightweight multi-functional crankshaft cover in EcoPaXX, DSM’s bio-based polyamide 410, for [..]

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German Fire Opens Door For Renewably Sourced Polyamides

One of the ironies of the tragic fire at Evonik’s CDT (cyclododecatriene), plant in Marl, Germany almost a month ago is that it is creating a significant market [..]

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No. 2:  It seemed that bioplastics came of age as a molding material at K2010. Their primary application for many years will remain throwaway packaging. But several producers [..]

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