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Improved Polyamide Yields Big Fuel Savings

Years of research into improving the wear resistance properties of polyamide 46 is starting to yield major dividends for DSM as auto manufacturers accelerate replacement of polyamide 66 [..]

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DSM Bioplastic Gains Traction in Electronics, Faucets

While renewably sourced plastics are not the primary focal point at DSM Engineering Plastics, they are experiencing solid growth rates and above-average investment in corporate R&D, said President [..]

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K2016: DSM Introduces New Plastic

At K2016 today, DSM Engineering Plastics introduced what it described as an all-new plastic, a polyphthalamide (PPA) called ForTii Ace that is directly aimed at replacement of die-cast [..]

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DSM Tests Polyamides For Heavy-Duty Circuit Breaker Parts

High-heat thermoplastics are poised to replace thermosets in demanding electrical applications, such as molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) used in heavy duty circuit breakers. Royal DSM says that [..]

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First Sustainable Crank Shaft Cover Get A Dose of Castor

A crank shaft cover with integrated oil seal in the new Volkswagen MDB-4 diesel engine platform is made with a 50 percent glass filled polyamide 4/10 that is [..]

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Tight Tolerances? No Problem for Challenging Bioplastic Part

Bioplastics are making steady, if slow, inroads into automotive applications. A particularly interesting new one is a lightweight multi-functional crankshaft cover in EcoPaXX, DSM’s bio-based polyamide 410, for [..]

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German Fire Opens Door For Renewably Sourced Polyamides

One of the ironies of the tragic fire at Evonik’s CDT (cyclododecatriene), plant in Marl, Germany almost a month ago is that it is creating a significant market [..]

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No. 2:  It seemed that bioplastics came of age as a molding material at K2010. Their primary application for many years will remain throwaway packaging. But several producers [..]

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