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Apple Eyes Insert Molding For iPhones

Apple has been awarded a U.S. patent for an insert molding approach that would allow phones to become thinner, while also increasing usable area of the display. In [..]

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3M Targets Ultrasonic Assist To Mold Complex Optical Parts

3M has developed a technology that uses ultrasonic energy applied to a plastic-filled mold to relieve flow-induced stresses in a still-forming precision optical part. The technology addresses the [..]

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Is There Still Hope For Liquidmetal Injection Molding?

Patient and long-suffering investors in Liquidmetal Technologies are anxiously awaiting announcement of the company’s fourth quarter earnings next week. Many had bought soon after the company went public [..]

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Apple Applies Vibrations To Improve Molding of Liquidmetal

Apple and Liquidmetal continue to develop new technology for amorphous metals injection molding. Late last year, Apple and Crucible Intellectual Property filed for a patent for the application [..]

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Insert Molding Plays Key Role In Apple Patent

Apple is studying the potential for use of insert injection molding to create smaller and more secure frames (also known as ground rings) for plug connectors used on [..]

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Biobased Polycarbonate Debuts As Smart Phone Cover

Mitsubishi Chemical, which announced development of a biopolycarbonate 18 months ago, this week said that the material will be used by Sharp for the front panel of its new smartphone, [..]

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SABIC Develops Cross-Linked PC; Targets Thin-Wall Parts

SABIC Innovative Plastics has developed cross-linked polycarbonates with improved chemical resistance and flame retardance in an effort to boost sales for thin-walled applications. One recent patent application states: [..]

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The Odd Story of Sabic’s Ultem Shortage

If you’re an avid Twitter follower, you were the first to publicly learn of a fast-emerging shortage of polyetherimide (PEI). A California-based distributor called Professional Plastics tweeted this [..]

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LPKF Fights Patent Infringement On LDS Process

On July 8, the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany ordered Motorola Deutschland and Motorola Mobility USA to refrain from selling cell phones in Germany that infringe on LPKF’s [..]

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New Laptop Covers: Ultrathin + In-Mold Polycarbonate Labels

Laptop covers are molded in an IML process with previously unachievable thicknesses of less than 1 mm in a collaboration of European and Chinese companies. Engel (Schwartberg, Austria) [..]

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