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Toray, Plasan Team Up to Boost Role of CFRP

Toray industries, arguably the global leader in carbon composites technology, is opening a plant to produce industrial-grade fiber in the United States next year, and is putting even [..]

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Carbon Composites Get Boost From Henkel, KraussMaffei

Best known for adhesives and personal care products, German chemical giant Henkel has developed a new matrix plastic for composites that could speed development of carbon fiber reinforced [..]

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RTM Process Cuts Cycle Times By 10; Uses Recycled CFRP

Cannon Afros has developed a process that cuts the molding time of a large part by a factor of 10. The new process, called ESTRIM (Epoxy Structural Reaction [..]

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Repair Work Begins on 787 Battery System in Boston

A team of engineers and technicians from Boeing began work today in Boston to repair a battery compartment on a Dreamliner 787 operated by Japan Airlines that caught [..]

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BASF, IKV Join Forces to Speed Carbon Composite Molding

A new German system could greatly speed production of molded carbon composites to as low as six minutes. The fastest production speed currently in use is a brand-new [..]

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Toyota & BMW Eye Gains In Carbon Composites, Fuel Cells

The top officers of Toyota and BMW this morning announced a long-term collaboration in four technical areas, including materials lightweighting, to improve the efficiency of cars. The other [..]

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Turkish Partner Is Key In New Ford/Dow Composite Venture

Targeting weight reductions of up to 750 pounds per vehicle, Ford and Dow engineers and researchers will combine efforts to develop low-cost carbon fiber and component-level manufacturing processes. [..]

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CFRP Super Car Smashes Land Speed Records

A Norwegian super car developer that almost acquired Saab is showing nifty carbon fiber technology at the Geneva Motor Show this week in Switzerland. Its 2013 Agera R [..]

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Teijin Begins Pilot Plant for Advanced CFRP Process

Teijin is building the world’s first pilot plant for fully integrated production of carbon fiber reinforced (CFRP) components from carbon fiber at its Matsuyama Factory in Ehime Prefecture, [..]

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DuPont Develops Special Structural Grade of Renewably Sourced Nylon

In a new application for an engineering bioplastic, a head and neck support for race car drivers is now being molded of DuPont Zytel RS polyamide, which is [..]

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