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BMW Invention Boosts Efficiency of Composite Molding

BMW is developing a roll-fed technology to produce thermoplastic composite parts that reduces costs and improves efficiencies. In the new system, a roll of glass or carbon fiber mat is [..]

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BMW Boosts Strength of CFRP Parts With Water-Assist: An Industry First

BMW is using a newly developed water assist system to improve the strength, cut fiber costs and reduce the weight of carbon composite parts at its Landshut, Germany [..]

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Moldable Carbon Composite Will Drive Auto Applications

New technologies are pushing the adoption curve for carbon composites in automotive applications, especially in Europe.  Not so much in the United States, where we suddenly live once again [..]

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BMW Composite Project Is Anchored by U.S. Plant

BMW is building the world’s largest carbon fiber plant in the United States to supply production plants in Germany for what may be the most ambitious plan in [..]

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KraussMaffei Develops New Molding Technology For BMW’s i3

KraussMaffei, which took fourth place in the best of K for its work on the BMW i3, last Friday disclosed technical details about the project for the first [..]

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Best of K: BMW’s i3 Takes Plastics To New Places

Best of K2013: Number 4 The BMW i3 The BMW all-electric i3 car, which officially went on the market last Saturday, is a tour-de-force of plastics applications, including [..]

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Boeing and BMW Tackle Carbon Composite Recycling

Re-use of carbon composites will be a major factor in the future of the strong, lightweight material. Boeing has launched several initiatives to find meaningful second uses for [..]

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Toyota & BMW Eye Gains In Carbon Composites, Fuel Cells

The top officers of Toyota and BMW this morning announced a long-term collaboration in four technical areas, including materials lightweighting, to improve the efficiency of cars. The other [..]

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Wood-Plastic Composite Cuts Weight 20% On BMW Parts

Johnson Controls is using natural fiber composites to reduce the weight of door panels, seat structures and instrument clusters for the new BMW 3 Series by 20%.   [..]

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German Auto OEMs Take Lead with CFRP

If you wonder where the German car companies are going with carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), keep an eye on their investments. BMW just announced acquisition of a 15.2% [..]

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