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BASF, DuPont Get Closer On Potentially Disruptive Bioplastic

A newly improved polyester bioplastic is potentially a major player in the production of bottles and film in food packaging. Many other applications are possible. DuPont and BASF [..]

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ThyssenKrupp Will Build Its First Commercial PLA Plant

Cofco, a state-owned food processing company, is building a plant in Changchun, China to produce 10,000 metric tons per year of polylactic acid (PLA), arguably the most important [..]

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Metabolix Gives Up On the Bioplastic Business

Tired of paddling against the current and running out of money, the owners of Metabolix are selling its bioplastic business to CJ CheilJedang Corp. for $10 million. The [..]

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The Brewing Battle Over Compostable Plastics

Offerings of compostable plastics continue to expand, but so does the disconnect regarding their actual compostability. Save That Stuff, a leading compost hauler in the Boston area, told [..]

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DuPont, ADM Announce ‘Breakthrough’ In Bioplastic Precursor

DuPont and Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) this week announced a “breakthrough” in the production of a bioplastic precursor that can be used for engineering plastics, packaging, textiles, [..]

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Kraton Makes Interesting Bio Feedstock Play As Shale Gas Riles Markets

Stock prices of Kraton Performance Polymers, a Shell spinoff, have been whipsawed by volatile butadiene and styrene prices since the company went public in 2009. The move to [..]

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Metabolix Digs Its Way Back, Shovelful By Shovelful

Use of bioplastics continues to grow, but the path to commercialization is generally quite different from what was envisioned 10 years ago. Metabolix, a PHA developer spun off [..]

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Lego: No Plans To Produce Plastics

Lego is spending $146 million to develop a new sustainable plastic. It’s not often that manufacturers of children’s toys, or of almost anything for that matter, decide they [..]

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Just What Is A ‘Sustainable’ Plastic?

One of the interesting outcomes of Lego’s three-year-old effort to replace ABS in its iconic building block toys may be a new—and significantly more meaningful—definition of what constitutes [..]

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Biobased Polycarbonate Debuts As Smart Phone Cover

Mitsubishi Chemical, which announced development of a biopolycarbonate 18 months ago, this week said that the material will be used by Sharp for the front panel of its new smartphone, [..]

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