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Another Apple Secret Revealed: Hot/Cool Mold Surfaces

A publicly funded European molding technology startup is beginning to hit big-time pay dirt. RocTool, which is based near Lyon in southeastern France, is announcing significant orders for [..]

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Apple May Be Huge Beneficiary Of Liquidmetal Molding Breakthrough

A brand new injection molding technology could have significant implications for Apple’s use of a game-changing Cal Tech-developed amorphous metal technology. Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT) announced that it has [..]

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Will Apple Have To Bail Out Liquidmetal Technologies?

Injection molded amorphous metal is an ideal material for critical, precision components in Apple’s consumer electronics devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It’s extremely strong, has a [..]

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Apple Lightning connector Is MIM Now–Liquidmetal Later?

Apple filed a patent application Oct. 25  for its new consumer electronics security system trademarked Lightning that is creating booming demand for precision, net-shape metal injection molded (MIM) [..]

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Liquid Metal in the iPhone5?

Several factors are converging to indicate that Apple believes its liquid metal injection molding technology is ready for prime time. Liquid metal was invented at Cal Tech in [..]

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Look For Increased Use of Metal in Apple iPad, iPod Designs

A relatively simple technical innovation may pave the way for Apple engineers to access a far wider array of materials choices when designing new consumer electronic devices such [..]

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Still a Chance for Metallic Glass in the iPad?

The new iPad  appears to feature the same type of aluminum that has been used in the past. It’s curious though that Liquidmetal Technologies of Rancho Santa Margarita, [..]

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What Is The Casing For The iPhone5? How About Metallic Glass

What is the widely rumored “new casing” in the iPhone5? The Apple blogosphere is buzzing, but true to form, Apple will not comment. These things can be stated [..]

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