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New Germ-Fighting Polymer Gets Medical Test

A novel, newly developed antimicrobial plastic is being tested by a Southern U.S. healthcare group as a potentially safer way to protect catheters and other medical devices from [..]

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Parx Plastics Hopes to Kick Start New Antimicrobial Technology

An innovative antimicrobial technology that was introduced last fall in Europe is winning business with “some of the largest companies in the world”, including major medical device manufacturers. [..]

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Ethanol Technology Spinoff Offers Green Plastics Additive

A very interesting new green technology at NPE2015 next week is an offshoot of the ethanol business that may make flexible PVC more environmentally friendly or improve the economics [..]

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Super-Light Aerographite Boosts Conductivity of Plastics

German scientists say they have created a network of porous carbon tubes that is three-dimensionally interwoven at nano and micro level. It is described as the lightest material [..]

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