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Ford Tests Speedy, High Quality Additive Manufacturing System

Ford Motor Co. is evaluating a new additive manufacturing technology that it says overcomes the three significant limitations of the 3D printing process, which seems almost Neanderthal in [..]

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Autodesk Backs 3D Electronics Printer

A Harvard spinoff sees significant commercial potential in 3D-printed electromechanical assemblies and electromagnets. Voxel8 of Somerville, Massachusetts is now offering for fall delivery devices that can print a [..]

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Thermwood Develops Unique Additive Manufacturing System

Thermwood Corp., a former molder and longtime manufacturer of machine tools called CNC routers, is now entering the additive manufacturing business with a very high-volume, high-tech machine that [..]

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Tiko Is The New Big Thing in 3D Printing

The promise of additive manufacturing is attracting plenty of creative, and very interesting, engineering. On one end, injection molding machinery manufacturers such as Arburg and Sandretto are creating [..]

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3D Printing Needs a 64-Fold Improvement To Compete Against IM

3D printing will have to improve 64-fold in order to compete against injection molding for large volume projects. That assessment was made by a research team at the [..]

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Two Tooling Projects Take Center Stage in Walmart Innovation Push

Plastics tooling is an area of special interest in Walmart’s program to buy an additional $250 billion worth of products in the United States within 10 years. It’s [..]

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Arburg Launches Series Deliveries of Freeformers

Arburg has already shipped several production versions of its Freeformer additive manufacturing machine, with existing customers showing a lot of interest in its ability to produce 100 or [..]

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SABIC Surprises At NPE With Focus on Additive Manufacturing

There is an interesting, and to some extent unexpected, focus on additive manufacturing at NPE2015, a show dominated by the big iron of injection molding, extrusion, and other [..]

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Why the Freeformer Is So Important To Injection Molding

The Arburg Freeformer additive manufacturing machine (dubbed AKF) made its debut at K2013 in Germany and it will move squarely into prime time at NPE2015 in Orlando, Florida [..]

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Amish Country Firm Pioneers Hot New Elastomeric 3D Printing Resin

A recently introduced elastomeric 3D printing plastic with very good hardness characteristics is creating a lot of excitement among design engineers, who have struggled to find additive manufacturing [..]

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