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Large 3D-Printed Plastic Tools Advance

When Boeing embarked on its ambitious plan to make huge structural sections for the Dreamliner 787 aircraft from carbon composites, big questions remained on manufacturability. The biggest composite [..]

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PATAC Pioneers 3D-Printed PA6 For Intake Manifold Parts

IThe Shanghai-based Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), a joint venture between General Motors and SAIC Motor, wants to take a leadership role in developing 3D-printed parts for [..]

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Nike Develops Improved 3D-Printed Golf Ball

Nike is developing a 3D-printed golf ball that it says may last longer and outperform the best golf balls made today. 3D-printed golf balls are not brand new, [..]

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K2016: Dolomite Will Show 3D Printer for Microfluidics

Some specialized 3Dprinters will debut at K 2016. I wrote earlier about the first 3D printer dedicated to silicones. A company called Dolomite, which specializes in microfluidics, will [..]

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K2016: Wacker Will Introduce First Silicone 3D Printer

Wacker will introduce the first industrial 3D printer for silicones at K2016 this October. The ACEO Imagine Series K uses a drop-on-demand method developed by Wacker, which is [..]

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Igus Expands 3D Printing Services To Include SLS

Igus, a privately owned company based in Cologne, Germany, is rapidly expanding its 3D printing product offerings and services—all focused on its core business of bearings and other [..]

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Stratasys Shoots For Cheaper 3D-Printed Injection Molds

Stratasys has invented a new technology to make plastics molds using 3D printers and layers of thermoset UV absorbing plastics with different thermal profiles. One layer of the [..]

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Disney Fights 3D Counterfeits

Disney engineers have invented interesting technology in an effort to stop counterfeiting of trademarked figures and toys. In a patent application filed Jan. 21, Disney says it has [..]

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ROKIT Looks Like A 3D Printer To Watch

While Stratasys and 3D Systems are struggling due to missteps in the overhyped consumer 3D printing market, a small venture capital-backed company in South Korea is unveiling new [..]

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Polymaker Initially Struggled, Now Makes Some Big Moves

A Chinese startup called Polymakr launched on Kickstarter last year with much fanfare about its newly developed 3D printing fiaments: a stronger PLA ($24/lb), a faster-printing flexible plastic [..]

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