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SK Chemicals Targets Western Markets at K2016

Korean plastics producer SK Chemicals is “aggressively” promoting its high-end engineering plastics such as a “greener” polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) in Western markets, the company announced at K2106. SK Chemical CEO [..]

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DSM Bioplastic Gains Traction in Electronics, Faucets

While renewably sourced plastics are not the primary focal point at DSM Engineering Plastics, they are experiencing solid growth rates and above-average investment in corporate R&D, said President [..]

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K2016: DSM Introduces New Plastic

At K2016 today, DSM Engineering Plastics introduced what it described as an all-new plastic, a polyphthalamide (PPA) called ForTii Ace that is directly aimed at replacement of die-cast [..]

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K2016: Arburg Extends Machine Range With New Design, Control

Arburg, known as a specialist in small injection molding machines since its 1950s beginnings, is introducing a 6,500 kN (727 tons of clamping force) model at K2016, extending [..]

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K2016: Covestro Is Going Commercial On Carbon Dioxide Foam

Plastics made from carbon dioxide will debut soon in commercial products. Belgian manufacturer Recticel says it will launch polyurethane foam made from carbon dioxide before the end of [..]

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K Chair: Machinery Shipments Will Continue Growth Through 2017

Plastics machinery shipments are expected to grow 2 percent this year and continue to expand next year, said Ulrich Reifenhauser, chairman of the Exhibitors’ Council, at a press [..]

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PolyOne Pultrudes CFRP Brace for Corvette

Compounder PolyOne of Cleveland, Ohio, is producing a carbon composite brace for General Motors using the pultrusion process. It’s an interesting twist because most new carbon composite automotive [..]

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SABIC Invents Dry Ice-Assisted Processing

SABIC is exploring use of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) as a coolant and plasticizer to reduce processing temperatures to process high-temperature plastics. The approach makes it possible [..]

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New Insert Molded Electronics Are Very Thin

Polycarbonate film replaces light pipes in newly developed electronic illumination devices that are very thin. TactoTek, a Finnish manufacturer of 3D injection molded structural electronics is commercializing the [..]

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Brad Cleveland: 1960-2016

One of the most understated (and best) people I have met in the plastics business was Brad Cleveland, who passed away last week from cancer. In a story [..]

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