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Auto Demand, Lightweighting Fuel Plastics Expansions

The stock market and overall manufacturing economy are wobbly, but low oil prices, favorable interest rates and high employment  are driving strong demand for cars in North America. [..]

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Are Plastics In The Flow Hive Safe?

The apiarian world is abuzz about the pros and cons of use of plastic as a comb material in beehives. Two Australian hobbyist beekeepers invented a beehive in [..]

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Cap Dispenses Ingredients In New Bottle Design

A new bottle-top dispensing cap requires maximum precision of dimensional stability and geometry to guarantee sealing of the membrane and the assembled carrier components. A Hong Kong-based company [..]

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OLED Integrated Into Car Roof in Major Breakthrough

OLEDs are the future for consumer lighting. That’s what I was told 18 months ago when I visited the Holst Center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Phillips, working with [..]

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Molding Technology Boosts Solar Industry

Annual growth rates of 20%-plus are attracting injection molders to the photovoltaic industry. In order to drive costs down, solar panel manufacturers need to adopt high-throughput manufacturing systems. [..]

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