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Corbion Proceeds With PLA Plant

Despite significant headwinds from low oil prices, Corbion says that it is on track to construct a 75,000 metric tons per year polylactic acid (PLA) plant in Thailand [..]

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IKEA Makes Major Commitment to Bioplastics

IKEA will only use plastics made from renewable or recycled sources by the year 2020. Per Stoltz, sustainability developer at IKEA, says the company will favor plastics made [..]

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German Company Emerges As Important WPC Player

A southern Germany company called JELU with a long history in wood processing has developed a proprietary wood-plastic composite (WPC) and now has a capacity of 45,000 tons. [..]

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PLA Creates Sacrificial Composite Channels, Mimicking Nature

Bioplastic polylactic acid (PLA) will play an interesting role in creating sacrificial channels for super lightweight reusable, 3D-printed Tinkertoy-type parts for use in space structures. Christopher Hansen, an [..]

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Tiko Is The New Big Thing in 3D Printing

The promise of additive manufacturing is attracting plenty of creative, and very interesting, engineering. On one end, injection molding machinery manufacturers such as Arburg and Sandretto are creating [..]

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Can David Slay Goliath? OU Grads Take On The Bigs

A Kickstarter-funded project to develop a new type of 3D printer hopes to unseat competitive printers that use expensive plastic filament. The new printer—called David—is interesting because it [..]

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High-Heat Molding Applications for Bioplastics Advance

A Japanese company announced an important new application for a proprietary bioplastic in the healthcare field. Boston Club Co. (Fukui, Japan), is now using Biofront, a heat-resistant bioplastic [..]

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Kimberly-Clark Helps Georgia Startup Explore Algae Feedstock

The number of technology startups in the biorefinery/bioplastics area is impressive, particularly considering weakness in the economy for the last three years. A new one came to my [..]

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No. 2:  It seemed that bioplastics came of age as a molding material at K2010. Their primary application for many years will remain throwaway packaging. But several producers [..]

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New High-Impact PLA Targets Injection Molding

Purac has developed a PLA compound which it says has heat stability and impact strength comparable to ABS. It’s based on stereo-complex technology using  Purac’s unique L-Lactide and [..]

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