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Disney Seeks More Realistic Robots

Disney is turning to high-tech processes such as 3D scanning and 3D printing to make robotic characters in Star Wars films and amusement park rides more human-looking. In [..]

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New Molding Machines Facilitate Silicone Growth

The silicone elastomers market is estimated to grow 8.2  per cent a year though 2019, reaching a global market for all processes of $10.2 billion, according to a recent [..]

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Kraton Makes Interesting Bio Feedstock Play As Shale Gas Riles Markets

Stock prices of Kraton Performance Polymers, a Shell spinoff, have been whipsawed by volatile butadiene and styrene prices since the company went public in 2009. The move to [..]

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Amish Country Firm Pioneers Hot New Elastomeric 3D Printing Resin

A recently introduced elastomeric 3D printing plastic with very good hardness characteristics is creating a lot of excitement among design engineers, who have struggled to find additive manufacturing [..]

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SPE Winner ‘Active Glove Box’ May Revolutionize Air Bags

Ford has developed a new cost-saving and award-winning knee airbag system using injection molded plastics that it feels will revolutionize the airbag industry. In the new approach, an airbag [..]

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Minnesota Molder Offers Speedy Service on 3D-Printed Tools

A savvy Minnesota injection molder is moving into the 3D printing/moldmaking/fast part turnaround business, a venture that puts it squarely in the fast-moving world of the likes of [..]

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Seven Injection Units Speed Toothbrush Production

It’s interesting that simple day-to-day products often have the most complex molds. One example is toothbrushes. A German moldmaker, Zahoransky Formenbau , says it has developed  the first-ever [..]

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High-Flow TPV Creates Global Molding Potential for IP Skin

Asahi Kasei Chemicals has developed a very high flow rate (250 g/10 min) thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) with good mechanical properties. Called “Sunvieo”, the new material can be injection [..]

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Challenger Disaster Remembered: Engineering or Management Blunder?

We just passed the 27th anniversary of the fatal explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. The problem that caused the disaster is commonly thought of as an error [..]

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Two-Shot Molding Process Combines Polyacetal and TPE

Ford is reducing costs 25% and improving reliability in a window lift carrier plate in the new Ford escape with an innovative two-shot injection molding process with overhead [..]

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