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Owens Corning Sticks To Its Core DNA–Glass Composites

Owens Corning, the Ohio-based producer of glass fiber, is a giant in the plastics industry, having virtually invented the composites business. One example was its involvement in the [..]

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Silica Nano Wires Make Composites Stronger, Lighter

British researchers say they have developed nano reinforcing fibers made of silica that could create composites that are stronger and lighter than those made with traditional glass reinforcements. [..]

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Moldable Compound Consists Mostly Of Tire Waste

A new German company called Ruhr Compounds is commercializing a compound made up as much as 80% waste from tires and other discarded rubber products. A polypropylene matrix [..]

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TenCate, BASF Join Forces To Advance Moldable Composites

Interest in developing high-volume composite production systems for automotive applications continues to grow. Plasan’s development of an out-of-autoclave system was an attention getter. Now comes a strategic alliance [..]

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Toyota & BMW Eye Gains In Carbon Composites, Fuel Cells

The top officers of Toyota and BMW this morning announced a long-term collaboration in four technical areas, including materials lightweighting, to improve the efficiency of cars. The other [..]

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Wood-Plastic Composite Cuts Weight 20% On BMW Parts

Johnson Controls is using natural fiber composites to reduce the weight of door panels, seat structures and instrument clusters for the new BMW 3 Series by 20%.   [..]

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IKV Molds High-Fiber Composite Quickly

A project in Germany is creating high fiber content parts in a relatively fast process that combines the spray process with compression molding. Fast, that is, for thermoset [..]

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Does Lignin Have Legs as a Future Plastics Feedstock?

Four Canadian researchers make a case that lignin could become an important feedstock for bioplastics. “Considering the current production of lignin from pulp and paper industries as well [..]

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Remote-Controlled Quadshot Performs Aerial Acrobatics

The Quadshot is a remote-controlled (RC) aircraft combining the stability and control of a helicopter with the speed and maneuverability of an airplane. “There’s really nothing quite like [..]

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Waste Tires Emerge As Important Plastics Ingredient

Use of highly processed tire waste in plastic compounds is growing 75% to 100% a year because the materials can replace more expensive plastic without compromising mechanical properties, [..]

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