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Apple’s Investment In Amorphous Metals, Carbon Composites Will Pay Off In Electric Car

Apple has acquired a deep materials’ technology bench that will help in developing lightweight structural and body materials for the electric auto it has been secretly developing. According [..]

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Kia Boosts Mechanicals of CFRP in Award-Winning Frame

Carbon composite replaces steel in a panoramic sun roof frame in the 2015 Kia Sorento. The number of parts is reduced from 33 to four and weight is [..]

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Cincinnati Delivers BAAM! to 3D Printing

Cincinnati Incorporated, once a part of Cincinnati Milacron, is introducing an extruder-based big-area additive manufacturing (BAAM) machine that really changes the scope of 3D printing. The machine, which was developed [..]

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New Super Plastics Can Beat Metals

An under-the-radar Arizona-based company has developed new molding and sizing technology to produce what it calls “the strongest line of injection moldable thermoplastic composites available.” The reinforcing material [..]

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High-End Plastics Are Coming for 3D Printing

High-powered engineering plastics such as polyether imide (PEI), polyimide (PI), polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), and self-reinforced polyphenylene (SRP) are being developed for 3D printing processes. The materials offer significant improvements [..]

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Solar Impulse 2: A Collaboration of Idealism and Technology

The newest version of the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse features a wingspan of 236 feet, a weight of 2.3 tons (similar to a Jeep), and horsepower in the [..]

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KraussMaffei Develops New Molding Technology For BMW’s i3

KraussMaffei, which took fourth place in the best of K for its work on the BMW i3, last Friday disclosed technical details about the project for the first [..]

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New 3D Printing Process May Boost Composite Moldmaking

As carbon composite molding moves closer to mainstream production, a new toolmaking technology is emerging that could accelerate its adoption. The Edison Welding Institute of Columbus, Ohio, has [..]

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Boeing and BMW Tackle Carbon Composite Recycling

Re-use of carbon composites will be a major factor in the future of the strong, lightweight material. Boeing has launched several initiatives to find meaningful second uses for [..]

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New Viper Nets Top Automotive Team Award

It’s only fitting that the Viper supercar from Chrysler Group’s Street and Racing Technology (SRT) brand is the 2012 winner of the Vehicle Engineering Team Award (VETA) from [..]

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