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Medical Paces Steady Growth for Metal Molding

The medical/dental market (32 percent) has replaced firearms as the leading market in North America for metal injection molding (MIM). Demand for metal molded parts for the firearms [..]

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Complex MIM Part on AR-15 Rifle Wins Design Award

While the domestic firearms market declined in 2015, new applications are emerging for metal injection molded (MIM) parts. One example is a front sight base used on the [..]

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Engel Makes Public Splash With Its Liquidmetal Machine

Global machinery builder Engel is jumping in with both feet to promote its unique Liquidmetal injection molding machine. The company is going public for the first time about [..]

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Apple’s Investment In Amorphous Metals, Carbon Composites Will Pay Off In Electric Car

Apple has acquired a deep materials’ technology bench that will help in developing lightweight structural and body materials for the electric auto it has been secretly developing. According [..]

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Who Will Be The First Molder to Embrace Liquidmetal?

What American molder will take the leap and be the first to buy Engel’s newest injection molding machine—an e-motion 110 specially fitted to process amorphous zirconium alloys? Injection [..]

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Engel Commercializes First-Ever Liquidmetal Molding Machine

Engel, the global plastics machinery producer based in Austria, is now offering for public sale the first-ever injection molding machine to produce parts made from amorphous zirconium alloys. [..]

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MPIF: Metal Molding Will Grow 10-15% This Year

Metal injection molding (MIM) in the United States is growing at a  rate of 10 to 15 percent this year, according to a recent economics report from Richard [..]

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ARC Is Emerging As Power Player In Metal Molding

A powerhouse is quietly emerging in the metal injection molding  (MIM) business. A company based in Florida called the ARC Group Worldwide has formed a Precision Components Group, [..]

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Will Apple Have To Bail Out Liquidmetal Technologies?

Injection molded amorphous metal is an ideal material for critical, precision components in Apple’s consumer electronics devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It’s extremely strong, has a [..]

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Apple Lightning connector Is MIM Now–Liquidmetal Later?

Apple filed a patent application Oct. 25  for its new consumer electronics security system trademarked Lightning that is creating booming demand for precision, net-shape metal injection molded (MIM) [..]

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