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Milacron Beefs Up Auxiliary Injection Units

Auxiliary injection units were hot at K2013, and the beat keeps on going. They can dramatically boost productivity at minimal cost, creating quick co-injection capabilities. Milacron is beefing [..]

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All-Rite Prospers With Focus on Metal/Plastics Assemblies

One interesting example of the make-over of American manufacturing is All-Rite Industries of Lake Zurich, Illinois, which has tripled in size in less than five years by providing [..]

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Innovation Eases Overmolding of Decorated Gun Stocks

Good news for recreational hunters: A new molding technology makes it substantially easier to mold soft grips on decorated hard-plastic stocks. Jim Ryan, president of Polymer Injection Molding [..]

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No. 1:  Development of reinforced laminate sheets that can be used as structural components was a great technical innovation on display at K 2010. At the heart of [..]

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One Tool Equals Three Processes

A German molder in the Bodensee district is showing off an interesting new co-molding approach that combines hard and soft plastic parts. The process is described in an [..]

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