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CFRP Tube Connects Engine To Transmission

The torque tube housing in the 2017 aluminum-bodied Mercedes GT R sports car is made from aviation-grade carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in a one-shot production process. The [..]

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Panasonic: New Polypropylene Extends Life Of LEDs

The rapid transition to LED lighting may be facilitated by a new resin development from Panasonic, Osaka, Japan. The company announced this week that it has developed a [..]

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Molded-In Insert Captures Hydrocarbon Pollutants

Ford has patented an interesting method for capturing hydrocarbon (HC) pollutants from a car engine. In the newly developed Ford technology, an engine air intake duct includes a [..]

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12 Machinery Builders Now Offer MuCell-Ready Equipment

The DVD video bezel frame in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan uses a molding foaming process to achieve dimensional stability, reduce warpage, lower weight and cut costs. It’s [..]

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VC Dough Still Chases Bio Projects. What Do They Know?

The bio-based materials and chemicals industry is poised to attract nearly $1 billion in investment this year, according to Lux Research. The projected $974 million investment is a [..]

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Amcor, Sidel Pioneer Direct Filling System

The adjectives “revolutionary” and “breakthrough” are way over-used in press releases, and are often a good signal to toss the information. A release came in this morning, however, that may [..]

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Velocity Claims Major Upgrade to Blow Molding

A three year cross-the-pond research effort is resulting in the first all-electric quick change reciprocating blow mold machine in the world, according to Velocity Equipment Solutions of New [..]

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PHA Plastics are Made From Industrial Waste, Animal Gas

A California startup received patents last year to produce plastics from methane gas produced by animals and from industrial waste, specifically volatile organic compounds. Armed with seven awarded [..]

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Huge Bio Ethylene Glycol Production Facility Set For Brazil

The Coca-Cola Company is partnering with an Indian company to build the world’s largest plant to produce the main ingredient in PET bottles from sugar cane. Coca-Cola plans [..]

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One Step Injection-Blow Eliminates Preform Preheating

In an interesting technology development, injection molding and blow molding are being combined on one mold in one machine. Engel Austria (Schwertberg, Austria) and Cantoni (Abbadia Lariana, Italy) [..]

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