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Apple Develops Parison, Feedstock BMG Technologies

Apple continues to invest in new intellectual property for the injection molding of amorphous liquid metals (aka bulk metallic glasses or BMG) commercialized by Liquidmetal, a Caltech spinoff [..]

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Wireless Medical Devices Drive Growth at Phillips-Medisize

Phillips-Medisize is investing significantly in new personnel and equipment in response to a trend in drug delivery toward smaller, smarter, wirelessly connected electronic devices. Chris Conger, former VP [..]

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New Engineering Standards, Lightweighting Point to MIM, CFRP

Three factors are converging that will have important implications for materials engineering of cars and trucks. All could contribute to greater use of precision molded metals and plastics. [..]

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New Auto Designs Propel Molded Metal

Efforts to reduce weight, cut costs and boost performance in several applications are helping drive a 10 percent growth this year for metal injection molding (MIM). Advanced Materials [..]

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Metal Molding Creates Unique Vertebrae-Like Hinges For Eyewear

Italian designer Guido Medana has developed a new type of eyeglass frame that makes clever used of the metal injection molding (MIM) process. The concept, called the Spine [..]

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Who Will Be The First Molder to Embrace Liquidmetal?

What American molder will take the leap and be the first to buy Engel’s newest injection molding machine—an e-motion 110 specially fitted to process amorphous zirconium alloys? Injection [..]

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Engel Commercializes First-Ever Liquidmetal Molding Machine

Engel, the global plastics machinery producer based in Austria, is now offering for public sale the first-ever injection molding machine to produce parts made from amorphous zirconium alloys. [..]

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Is 3D Printing Just Lipstick Or The Real Deal for ARC Group?

What is your company worth? The market capitalization of ARC Group Worldwide, a metal and plastic injection molder, has swung wildly in the past 52 weeks. From 2007 [..]

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Biggest Metal Molder Wins With Complex Parts

Metal injection molding (MIM), while still a niche business, continues to makes gains based on its ability to consolidate functions in new designs. Indo‐US MIM Tec of Bangalore, [..]

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MPIF: Metal Molding Will Grow 10-15% This Year

Metal injection molding (MIM) in the United States is growing at a  rate of 10 to 15 percent this year, according to a recent economics report from Richard [..]

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