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Apple Develops Improved Sealing For Housings

Apple is developing a new injection molding technology to improve the watertight seal of mobile phone housings. In a U.S. patent application published today, adhesive is placed in [..]

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Japanese Process Creates Nanoscale Molded Detail

Japan Steelworks (JSW) has developed a low pressure compression process to form molded parts with nanoscale details, high aspect ratios, and sharp edges. Cycle times are typically a [..]

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LNP Develops Colorable Compound for Molded Electronic Devices

More materials’ companies are coming onboard with materials developed for the Laser Direct Structuring process. The result will be continued penetration of the technology into three-dimensional electronic components. [..]

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Following are the most important molding innovations shown at K2010 in the opinon of the editorial director of The Molding Blog.  NUMBER 1 Reinforced Laminate Sheet Primary Developers 1.  [..]

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PHAs Show Significant Potential

A bioplastic with significant potential for durable applications is the polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) family. PHB, for example, has high crystallinity and mechanical properties  similar to polystyrene. P(3HB) has a [..]

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Printing Will Challenge Micro Molding

An interesting new printing process may provide stiff competition for micro and powder injection molding for parts that require complex internal geometries, such as lead frames for semiconductor [..]

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