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Injection Molded Ammo Wins Over Skeptics

Intellectual property and sales are growing for injection molded ammunition. While the original goals of the technology were to reduce use of copper and other expensive metals, other [..]

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Evonik Boosts Capacity For Structural Foam

Reflecting growing demand for structural foams to lighten weight, Evonik is boosting capacity to make performance foams in Darmstadt, Germany, “by about 20 percent as a first step.” [..]

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New Plastic Bullets Get Rave Reviews

Gun enthusiasts are raving about a newly developed injection molded, plastic bullet and one even predicts it may be selected by the U.S. Army as ammunition for a [..]

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PullPress Makes Complex Carbon Composite Parts Quickly

Pultrusion and compression molding are combined in the PullPress process developed by Secar Technologie and Evonik to produce complex carbon composite parts that include light weight rigid foam [..]

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Engel Cell Automates Composite Overmolding

One of the big ongoing stories today in plastics—really manufacturing in general—is the increasing automation and cost reduction in processes to mass produce high-strength engineering composites, often using [..]

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Engel Commercializes First-Ever Liquidmetal Molding Machine

Engel, the global plastics machinery producer based in Austria, is now offering for public sale the first-ever injection molding machine to produce parts made from amorphous zirconium alloys. [..]

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RTM Process Cuts Cycle Times By 10; Uses Recycled CFRP

Cannon Afros has developed a process that cuts the molding time of a large part by a factor of 10. The new process, called ESTRIM (Epoxy Structural Reaction [..]

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Silica Nano Wires Make Composites Stronger, Lighter

British researchers say they have developed nano reinforcing fibers made of silica that could create composites that are stronger and lighter than those made with traditional glass reinforcements. [..]

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PET Collaboration Points to the Future for Bioplastics

Clap your hands if you believe in the future of bioplastics. It takes a little faith after the collapse of the Telles JV, what seems like an almost [..]

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Bioplastics at NPE2012: My Take

Bioplastics were not front and center at the year’s National Plastics Exposition, held in Orlando, FL this week. NPE is the every-three-years show where companies roll out their [..]

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