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PEEK, PEI Growth Explodes While PC Plants Close

Growth for high-end, specialty engineering plastics will far outpace the bread-and-butter, big-volume types as design engineers push the needle on applications requiring high heat or other demanding properties in [..]

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New Super Plastics Can Beat Metals

An under-the-radar Arizona-based company has developed new molding and sizing technology to produce what it calls “the strongest line of injection moldable thermoplastic composites available.” The reinforcing material [..]

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Liquidmetal Expands Its IP Around Metal Molding

Liquidmetal Technologies is working on an “eco system” of intellectual property in its efforts to commercialize its amorphous metal injection molding business. “We have patents and applications on [..]

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Fire In The Hole: Good News for Apple’s Prized Molding Material

Its expenses are rising. Its revenues are dropping. But the tide of red ink is not damping enthusiasm at what may be the most important breakthrough technology in [..]

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Auto Sourcing Execs Caught With Their Shorts Down –Again

Automotive sourcing managers are back in the soup again just a year after Japanese tsunami-related production problems triggered supply disruptions for six months. Now execs at GM, Ford, [..]

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Bioplastics at NPE2012: My Take

Bioplastics were not front and center at the year’s National Plastics Exposition, held in Orlando, FL this week. NPE is the every-three-years show where companies roll out their [..]

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Biodegradable Plastics May Clean Up Fracking Pollution

A major emerging producer of bioplastics is teaming with a Houston energy company in an attempt to develop a more environmentally effective way to remove natural gas from [..]

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Film-to-Metal Laminates Eliminate Adhesives

Materials’ specialist Rogers Corp. is bonding PEEK film to metal foils in a heat lamination process that overcomes adhesive delamination problems. The reduction of VOCs also results in [..]

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