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New PPS Speeds Crystallization, Reducing Mold Temperature

A new engineering plastic from Celanese is advancing the potential for overmolding of RFID tags. Fortron ICE polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) enables full crystallinity at lower temperatures while maintaining [..]

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New Organosilicons Extend the Range of Polyamides, PPS, PEEK

An under-the-radar, small custom compounder in South Plainfield, New Jersey, shows the increasing specialization and complexity of today’s engineering plastics industry. Technical staff at privately owned Polymer Dynamix, [..]

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Winzeler Gear Merges Fashion With Precision Injection Molding

Injection molder John Winzeler feels that precision molded plastic gears are haute couture, and he established a fashion program in collaboration with students at the School of the [..]

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Get Ready For Industrial Scale Production of Bio Chemicals

One of the biggest stories in plastics raw materials in the next few years will be the commercialization of industrial-scale production of biobased chemical monomers. This point was [..]

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AIST Team Says Molding Can Produce MEMS Devices

Breakthroughs in printing, molding and mold design are paving the way to move production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device manufacturing from the realm of semiconductor fabs to much [..]

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Siemens Plastic Replicates ABS with Bioplastic and CO2-Offtake

Yesterday, I wrote about “Intel plastic”. Today, the topic is “Siemens plastic”. The German manufacturing giant has developed a plastic primarily made from “green” resources that it says [..]

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Waste Tires Emerge As Important Plastics Ingredient

Use of highly processed tire waste in plastic compounds is growing 75% to 100% a year because the materials can replace more expensive plastic without compromising mechanical properties, [..]

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Conductive Composites Get A Big Asian Boost

The marriage of plastics and electricity is a big emerging story. One of the companies of interest is little-known Integral Technologies of Bellingham, WA, a research company that’s [..]

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3D Electronics Debut in Sensor Application; Lighting Is Next

Applications for the Laser Direct Structuring Process (LDS) are growing as major resin producers put muscle into the technology. In a new example, 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. [..]

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Evonik Develops Acrylic WPC for Injection Molding

The potential for molding with renewably sourced materials is intriguing while seemingly elusive. The conversation usually does not include a compound based 50% on wood waste materials because [..]

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