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Evonik Boosts Capacity For Structural Foam

Reflecting growing demand for structural foams to lighten weight, Evonik is boosting capacity to make performance foams in Darmstadt, Germany, “by about 20 percent as a first step.” [..]

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Advanced Manufacturing Consortia Will Be A Major Obama Legacy

President Barack Obama has made major progress despite significant headwinds. The President’s legacy will include the Affordable Care Act, the revival of the American economy from near collapse, [..]

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New Super Plastics Can Beat Metals

An under-the-radar Arizona-based company has developed new molding and sizing technology to produce what it calls “the strongest line of injection moldable thermoplastic composites available.” The reinforcing material [..]

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BASF Funds Major Plastics Research Project in the USA

BASF, one of the leading technology developers in the less-than-100-year history of engineering plastics, is planting deep roots in the United States to advance its long-term research efforts. [..]

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Polymeric Photovoltaics: Not Dead At All

Significant work continues on polymer photovoltaic cells despite the stunning recent collapse of Konarka (Lowell, MA). A polymer photovoltaic cell produced by Professor Yang Yang at UCLA has [..]

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Nanoprinting Mimics Moth’s Eye For Improved Optical Components

Singapore researchers say they have successfully developed a nanoprinting technology that reduces glare for polycarbonate components used in TV displays, windows, and even solar cells. As a result, [..]

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Auto Sourcing Execs Caught With Their Shorts Down –Again

Automotive sourcing managers are back in the soup again just a year after Japanese tsunami-related production problems triggered supply disruptions for six months. Now execs at GM, Ford, [..]

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Dow Rolls Out Molded Photovoltaic Roofing Shingles

Dow is launching an injection molded solar shingle that it feels has the same potential to revolutionize housing as indoor plumbing did 100 years ago. The POWERHOUSE Solar [..]

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OLED Integrated Into Car Roof in Major Breakthrough

OLEDs are the future for consumer lighting. That’s what I was told 18 months ago when I visited the Holst Center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Phillips, working with [..]

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Molding Technology Boosts Solar Industry

Annual growth rates of 20%-plus are attracting injection molders to the photovoltaic industry. In order to drive costs down, solar panel manufacturers need to adopt high-throughput manufacturing systems. [..]

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