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FRX Polymers Targets China, Boosts Capacity

A novel halogen-free flame retardant polymer once abandoned by Bayer is now rapidly gaining ground with growing production capacity and several major financial backers. Sales of Nofia phosphonates by FRX [..]

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Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber Boosts Electrical Resistivity

PolyOne yesterday received a U.S. patent for a polyamide compound that has thermal conductivity, electrical surface resistivity, and flame retardancy. The compound uses pitch-based carbon fiber to achieve [..]

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Lexmark Makes Impressive Gains In PCR Use

James Drummond, who leads plastics engineering at Lexmark, has a very interesting and aggressive view about the future of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. He is espousing—and implementing—a concept [..]

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DSM Tests Polyamides For Heavy-Duty Circuit Breaker Parts

High-heat thermoplastics are poised to replace thermosets in demanding electrical applications, such as molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) used in heavy duty circuit breakers. Royal DSM says that [..]

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New Organosilicons Extend the Range of Polyamides, PPS, PEEK

An under-the-radar, small custom compounder in South Plainfield, New Jersey, shows the increasing specialization and complexity of today’s engineering plastics industry. Technical staff at privately owned Polymer Dynamix, [..]

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Polycarbonate Clone Fights Fire

One of the interesting developments in engineering plastics this year, particularly for injection molded electronics applications such as housings, is a new environmentally friending flame retardant system that [..]

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BPA Issue Emerges at Antec Plenary Session

The plastics industry has faced many public relations problems in its history. Its approach to problems has improved in recent years, but the bisphenol A (BPA) controversy appears [..]

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BASF Supports New Polymeric Flame Retardant

Industry support is building for a Dow-developed polymeric replacement for HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane). BASF announced its support for the announcement that Dow Chemical has signed a license agreement with [..]

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