Two-Shot Molding Replaces In-Mold Decoration

Ford cut costs 30 percent by using an innovative two-shot injection molding approach for an interior decoration bezel on the 2018 Fiesta subcompact.

A three-dimensional decorative effect was achieved with a process that Ford describes as two-component reverse injection molding. A tinted polycarbonate is injected in a mold followed by pigmented ABS. The plastics are supplied by Lotte Advanced Materials, which built a compounding plant in 2010 in Tianjin, China. The toolmaker is JP Grosfilley SAS, a specialist in 2K molds based in Martignat, France. The moldmaker also has a location in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“This is the first time this process was used to achieve the 3-D visual effect (color and texture) for a part of this size and geometry,” Ford said in an entry for the SPE Automotive design competition, where it won a category award.

The previous process was IMD/IML/high gloss painting.

There was a 20 versus scrap reduction vs conventional two-layer high-gloss piano black appearance.


Two-shot process replaced in-mold decoration and painting, achieving a 30 percent cost savings. (SPE Automotive)


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