Apple Invention Combines Ceramics and Plastics

Apple is developing a comolded plastic and ceramic phone housing that combines the benefits of both materials.

Traditionally phone housings have been molded plastic, but ceramics and glass are being used increasingly because of their superior strength, aesthetics and optical properties. “However, such materials present drawbacks of their own,” a new Apple patent states. “For example, small retaining features for coupling housing components together (e.g., clips, arms, detents, grooves) may be relatively simple to mold into a plastic piece, but may be difficult or impossible to form out of glass or ceramics.”

The visible part of the ceramic would be polished while the part next to the molten plastic would be sanded or etched to promote adhesion. Posts or pegs may be added to increase the strength of the comolding. A fixture may be used to hold the ceramic insert in place before plastic is injected under high pressur

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