Unique Micro Molder Makes Internal Threads

Successful micro molding machines are highly customized. Some players such as Accumold build their own machines to meet demands of specific molds.

Franz Hirt

A relatively new German micro molder is working with Wittmann Battenfeld to develop new molding technology. microtechnik HIRT (abbreviated MTH), a specialist in hybrid parts based in Schramberg, Germany, helped developed the 5-axis MicroPower into a 6-axis production cell to facilitate manufacturing of parts  with unscrewing functions, helical micro cogwheels and shafts with inclination profiles.

Following mold opening, the mold cavity is driven by a toothed belt installed on the side of the mold to release the molded part for ejection. The ejector subsequently demolds the part with a servo-electric drive, and a new cycle starts as soon as the contour element has been returned to its original position.

It’s also possible to drive thread cores inside the mold to produce high-precision internal threads on molded parts. One example is a focusing device used in cameras to hold lenses in place and/or focus them, or in medical measuring devices to focus optical measurement systems.

The unscrewing unit is integrated into the machine’s Unilog B6 control system

MTH is itself a tiny company with a staff of just three. Founder  Franz Hirt sees rapid growth coming for micro hybrid parts in medical technology, electronics, communication and satellite technology, as well as in the automotive industry.

Mold with integrated unscrewing unit (mikrotechnik HIRT)

Focusing device with an internal thread.

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