Chinese Investor Pumps Some Life Into Liquidmetal

Long-struggling Liquidmetal is now operating under Chinese management, which is injecting capital and new life into the Cal Tech spinoff.

One interesting development from a molding perspective is the addition of metal injection molding (MIM) to its manufacturing lineup. MIM offers a lower cost alternative to the injection molded Liquidmetal parts. MIM production, located in China, is expected to come on stream later this year.

Injection molding and die casting will take place at a new California manufacturing plant. Other projects include development of lower cost metal alloys and molds.

“These efforts allow us to present customers with industry-leading capabilities to address applications, from low cost to very high performance in China, United States and Europe, said Bruce Bromage, EVP at Liquidmetal, in a recent conference call with analysts.

Lugee Li is now the CEO and largest shareholder in Liquidmetal. He is also CEO of Eontec, a vertically integrated Chinese producer of metal parts.

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