Thermoplastics Eye Greater Role At JEC World

Look for new concepts at next month’s JEC World International Composites show in Paris as interest in composites for aircraft continues to grow rapidly.

One example is injection molding machine builder Engel, which will be producing parts for the first time at the JEC event.  At the Bond-Laminates stand, Engel and partners will demonstrate the injection molding of a housing with a wall thickness of 0.6 mm. At its own stand, Engel will exhibit (but not demonstrate) its in-situ polymerization technology shown at K2016.

Engel developed a machine series specifically for composites.

Also at JEC, Victrex will show a TxV Aero Composites sample, the result of a collaboration with Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp. to accelerate the adoption of polyketone (PAEK) composites in the aerospace industry.

“Our Aerospace Loaded Brackets program is a great example of how we can offer new forms and components, alongside supplying materials, and build a new supply chain to address the unmet needs of the aerospace industry,” said David Hummel, chief executive of Victrex.

The intent is to offer a range of PAEK composites, from custom laminates to pre-formed composite inserts for hybrid molding processes, as well as finished composite parts and complete over-molded hybrid composite components and assemblies. 

TxV Aero Composites said it will complete a polyketone composite center of excellence in the USA this year.

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