Google Invents Molding Process For Phone Lens

Injection molding is hot in Silicon Valley.

Apple has famously invented new technology for the molding of amorphous metals and composites, racking up more than 50 patents in its IP portfolio.

Now Google is getting in on the act.

Google Technology Holdings, Mountain View, California, was awarded a patent this week for injection molding a display for a phone or other mobile electronic device that it said overcomes limitations of previous versions, particularly breakage of the edges of the glass  lens.

In the invention, a stepped flange is added to the perimeter of a lens coated with liquid-repelling material. The lens is inserted in a mold. Plastic is injected to cover the perimeter, including the stepped flange. Optically clear light-curable resin goes on the rear surface of the transparent lens.

A display module is placed on the resin, which is then cured with at least one optical source. The housing is then molded, using the flange to help guard against edge breakage of the lens.

Patent drawing shows critical steps in Google invention. (USPTO)

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